July 28, 2006

Construction at Thulir

We are adding a new wing which will have a class room cum workshop for the
Basic Technology course, and a store room for the tools and materials that
would be used by them. The wing will also have an entrance lobby, where
additional classes can be held. The wing has been designed in such a way that
we now have a court in the middle that can be used for large gatherings [100
persons] and performances.

This has also provided an opportunity for our students to learn some
construction skills and some of the days in the past couple of weeks has been
spent working at site and in theory classes on basics of construction
materials and their properties.


Bablu said...

This is great. I heard about a guy in Australia who has been teaching kids mathematics through construction...can you post a few photographs of the completed structure??

Great work, keep going.



Zen Head said...

You seem to have gone on double fast-forward!! Good. .