December 18, 2005

Vediappan goes to Bangalore!

Vediappan, has passed his last exam of class 12. After his exams, got over in September, he felt he needed to look for a job and so has taken a job with a bag making factory in Bangalore. He has been working for the past one month there. While excited at being in a new place and getting new experiences, he is also home sick and exhausted from hard work.

His work shifts are 12 hours long each day for 6 days a week. Being Christmas/ New Year season, he is required to work for 4 hours of overtime above the 12 hr shift. He is paid 1400 rupees, half of which he has to pay his employer for board and lodge.
He keeps in contact with Thulir through phone calls.

There is a common urge amongst youth of his age in Sittilingi to go out and see the world. There is also pressure to get a job and look after themselves financially. We feel this is a challenge for us. We need to work out programmes where in Thulir students can go as exchange students to other learning instituitions for a period of time to gain exposure and confidence.

December 07, 2005

This blog is for the purpose of updating all friends of Thulir about activities at Thulir. As you know, the Thulir website does have a news section, but we are able to update it only once every 4 months or so. Of course, we do send out the news updates to our mailing lists once evry 2 months.

We thought we would like to experiment with blogging as a means of more quicker sharing of events at Thulir. Do write back your comments to improve this further.
The Thulir web site has been updated and the design changed this month. Do have a look [Thulir], if you havent looked at it already.

clay work

Sittilingi, 07 december 2005

We decided to celebrate the coming out of the sun [after weeks of rains and cloudy days], by moving outdoors and doing some clay work, last week. The various peices made by the children are drying in the shade getting ready for firing. If the weather holds [there is a cyclonic storm in the making over the Bay of Bengal as this is being written!], we hope to fire